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Introducing the 

XW Academy

The kreuzwerkers, your digital craftsmen, have a new training program: 
the XW Academy.

Not at all. Our XW Academy specializes in customized learning solutions, each of which we tailor to the unique needs of organizations, companies and individuals. In this way we can provide the absolute latest digital tools of the trade, and the knowledge needed to succeed in today's digital marketplaces. 

By offering additional training and certification options such as DevOps (Development and IT Operations), Agility, Lean, Organizational Development and Cloud related topics, we enable our customers to accelerate the implementation of new technologies, and business and development process optimization.

Just another academy?


Advantages and Benefits of XW Academy. So many advantages

Thanks to our large network of subject matter experts, strategic partnerships and unique teaching methods, we are able to work “disruptively”; in other words, break through familiar patterns. We don't do "That’s how you do it"; instead, we focus on individual challenges of our course participants, whether virtual, face-to-face and on-site, hybrid, or even in eLearning environments.
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Why it works so well

The XW Academy uses technical independence to liberate you.

We offer you a freedom that provides lasting, viable and sustainable solutions. But this approach can only work with dedicated, up-to-date training that is focused on  course participants’ goals. This is exactly what we want to ensure with the launch of our new XW Academy.

XW Academy - a living organization that’s there for you!

Our mission is to create a space for our customers to meet, share, learn and grow.

We don't just offer training – but workshops, hands-on project experiences and networking as well.

Our mentors are very happy to help in both group and one-on-one coaching. What was the greatest thing about school? Field trips! Visiting exhibitions and companies, seeing how the world works, being in the middle of everything. We do that too - virtually and live on-site. In addition, our experts give lectures and seminars.

You will of course also receive a certificate of participation after successful course completion.

Our Philosophy

kreuzwerker are craftsmen with brains. That's why we can give you an absolute assurance of quality. We are committed to you and your independence. We won't stuff your brain with lots of theoretical knowledge, but rather, empower you. 

We use coaching to awaken your potential and enable you to become independent. Our company values are very important to us. Want to know more about them? Heads up!


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Participants are always up-front and center.


Our partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Atlassian and Elastic, among others.


Agile transformation and Agility are an essential part of our project DNA.


You benefit from well-known technology experts.


We always incorporate our latest real-world insights into our teaching theory.


We deal with the relevant topics every day at work. Always up to date - we pass it on to you.


We have years of experience in many industries. Automotive? Yes. Pharmaceuticals? Absolutely yes. Media? Definitely. Ask us about your industry! These experiences help us to speak a common language in training sessions, and to be able to address specifics.

Best Practices

We all learn from mistakes, which means we're really smart because everything we teach we've done wrong once - but then ten times right.

Awaken your potential and enable yourself to become independent.

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